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Peoples Congregational United Church of Christ

Confirmation Program


Confirmation, the affirmation of baptism, is a rite of the Church that occurs during public worship.  When the youth of our Church reach adolescence (at or about age 12 or the 6th grade level), he/she is eligible for Confirmation.


During Confirmation, the participants (who are known as Confirmands) learn about the Christian faith.  Our Confirmation curriculum is designed to equip the Confirmands with an overall understanding of the Bible and its teachings; and to provide them with a foundation upon which to begin or continue their spiritual journey.  Upon completion of the class work and assignments of the Confirmands, there is a Service of Confirmation, which traditionally takes place on Pentecost Sunday, during the 11:00 a.m. Church Service.


During the Service of Confirmation, the Confirmands profess his/her willingness to affirm baptism and the congregation promises to be supportive of the Confirmands in their continuing journey of faith.  If baptism has not taken place, the Service of Confirmation includes a Service of Baptism.  Upon Confirmation, the Confirmands become full members of our Church.


 (10:00 AM–11:30 AM)

Session 1

March 18   Greetings and Welcome to Confirmation  

Introduction to Confirmation God            

Session 2   Jesus Christ                              

March 25            

April 1   Easter Sunday    (No Class)   

Session 3                   The Holy Spirit

April 8   Prayer

Spiritual Life/Community Life

Session 4

April 15               Class Outing

Session 5

April 22   The Bible  

Session 6                                           

April 29   Baptism


Christian Seasons

Session 7  

May 6   The History of the Church, the

United Church of Christ and

Peoples Church

May 13   Mother’s Day Sunday    (No Class)

Session 8

May 20                         Peoples Church — the Ministries,

                                           Activities and Order of Service

May 27                         Memorial Day Weekend    (No Class)

June 2 Confirmation Rehearsal & Confirmation Luncheon    

June 3              Confirmation Ceremony