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CHURCH SCHOOL: Provides the opportunity for children and youth to acquire a basic knowledge and experience of the Christian faith and our biblical heritage and to come to know who they are as people of God and as Christian disciples.

GREETERS GUILD: Greets visitors and members each Sunday; and other special activities.

G.R.O.W. (God Rules Our World) Family: Serves as a support network and ministry for growing families that enhances their spiritual development and growth with a God-centered focus.

G.R.O.W. Young Adult Ministry: Provides spiritual, service, and social activities for young adults, ages 21-40 that enhance spiritual development and growth of its members.

LAY READERS: Provides training for laypersons that wish to read Scripture during worship services.

LEISURE GROUP: Provides recreational opportunities for persons with leisure time to develop friendships; participates in activities applicable to senior citizens and supports programs of the Church agreed upon by the membership.

MEN’S FELLOWSHIP: Brings men of the Church together to encourage and support each other; and to interact with other Church organizations.

PEOPLES FEDERAL CREDIT UNION: Provides a banking facility for members of Peoples Congregational Church, for employees, and family members.

PEOPLES JAZZ SOCIETY: Provides opportunities for members to advance the knowledge of jazz through performances by guest artists, seminars and workshops; provides opportunities for youth to become more knowledgeable about jazz through instruction and actual performances; and supports the Jazz Vespers Program and other events that promote jazz at Peoples Church.

USHER BOARD: Welcomes church members and guests, distributes programs at regular services, funerals, and other special activities.  Ushers and seats congregants in the church.

WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP:  Brings women of the Church together to encourage and support each other; and to interact with other Church organizations.

YOUTH MINISTRY:  Provide activities, community service and special projects for teenagers in both middle and high school (7th – 12th grade).  Participants are involved in regular devotions and participate in national events such as the 30 Hour Famine to heighten awareness of world hunger.