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BALCONY CIRCLE: Provides graduating high school seniors with a large plastic container of college survival supplies at the annual Student Recognition Sunday.

CAMELLIA CIRCLE: Provides flowers and plants for the altar weekly and to decorate the altar and Sanctuary during major holidays such as Palm Sunday, Easter, and Christmas and cares for the plants in the atrium and balcony areas of the Church and memorial garden.

HOSPITALITY CIRCLE: Serves as a welcoming group to new church members and provides support, as necessary, with other activities in the Church.

MUSIC AID CIRCLE: Exposes the Church membership and the community at large to performing arts, with classical music as our primary area of concentration; Music Aid Circle was initially organized for the purpose of providing full support for the Chancel.

PROGRESSIVE CIRCLE:  Serves as one of the earliest clubs formed at the request of Rev. Dr. Arthur Fletcher Elmes in 1953. He gathered 25 newly joined members and requested that they form the Progressive Circle to support Church activities through stewardship and friendship. This very active Circle raises funds for the church by sponsoring trips and other social events.

SCROOBY CIRCLE: Fosters Christian values whereby adults can get together in social atmospheres of fellowship activities and further facilitate the goals of Peoples Church.

VARIETY CIRCLE: Promotes the religious, civic, and social betterment of the ministry of the Church and cooperate with other persons and organizations to insure the success of programs designed to serve  the Church and the entire community.