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Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee shall develop a slate of Officers, Church Council members, Board members, Committee members, and delegates referenced in the By-Laws. The Committee shall obtain the consent of each nominee. It shall present the slate to the Church Council by the May meeting in preparation for June elections.

Pastoral Church Relations Committee: The Pastoral Church Relations Committee brings congregational concerns to the pastors  and simultaneously advocates for the pastors leadership in the church to  the church leaders and the congregation; thus building a solid base for effective witness and  mission of the congregation.

Pastoral Search Committee: The Pastoral Search Committee shall be responsible for conducting searches for Senior Ministers, Senior Associate Ministers and other Ministers, as needed. The Pastoral Search Committee shall recommend a candidate to the Church Council.

Personnel Committee: The Personnel Committee shall be responsible for the development and implementation of personnel policies and procedures, the periodic review of the performance of all members of the church staff and the recommending of appropriate personnel changes to the Church Council, the Board of Trustees, and the Governing Body. It shall annually review and periodically update the Personnel Manual that, upon approval by the Governing Body, shall govern all personnel policies.

Strategic Plan Implementation Committee: The purpose of the Committee is to help coordinate and collaborate with existing Church Boards, Organizations, Circles and Clubs to implement the strategic goals identified by the Strategic Planning Committee’s Three-Year Strategy Plan published December 2012. The Strategic Plan Implementation Committee is organized as four working groups to help implement the goals and key strategic issues facing the Church.  These Working Groups are: Retention and Growth of Membership, Financial Soundness and Accountability, Operational Excellence and Community, National and Global Leadership. Membership Matters! click here


Evangelism and Outreach Committee: The Evangelism and Outreach  Committee shall assist in the promotion of the growth of the membership  of the Church.  It shall provide opportunities for and encourage full participation of persons who   are already member of the fellowship and  shall develop avenues for deepening the spiritual life of each member. It also cooperates with other religious bodies for missions within and outside of the Church.  It promotes a program of missionary education in the Church.

Music and Arts Committee: The Music and Arts Committee shall assist the Senior Minister in planning and coordinating the music and arts ministries of the Church.

Scholarship Committee: The Scholarship Committee shall administer the scholarship program of the Church. It shall develop and determine criteria, unless otherwise specified for designated gifts, for awarding of scholarships, book grants and the like, and oversee the application process, select the recipients and determine the amount of each award.


Fellowship Committee:  The Fellowship Committee stimulates fellowship in the Church; purchases the “upper Room” devotional reading for Church members and the community; and sponsors the Annual Christmas Bazaar for fundraising purposes.


Wellness Ministry:  Provides leadership to help church members adopt a wellness lifestyle designed to prevent illness, ease the burden of chronic disease or disability, and instill confidence in members’ ability to take a leadership role in improving their own health.