Membership Matters! Strategic Planning Initiatives





The purpose of the Committee is to help coordinate and collaborate with existing Church Boards, Organizations, Circles and Clubs to implement the strategic goals identified by the Strategic Planning Committee’s Three-Year Strategy Plan published December 2012. The Strategic Plan Implementation Committee is organized as four working groups to help implement the goals and key strategic issues facing the Church.  These Working Groups are: Retention and Growth of Membership, Financial Soundness and Accountability, Operational Excellence and Community, National and Global Leadership.


Strategic Plan Implementation Committee Members

Nathaniel Adams
Cheryl Benton, Chairperson
Susan Burton
Samuel Ewing, Jr.
Michelle Gill
Precious Murchison Gittens
Audrey Hendricks
Bea E. Hicks
Julia Hull
John K. Jolley
Derek Mitchell
Bessie Reynolds
Lise Stevens, Secretary
Bettye W. Topps, Vice-Chairperson
Diana Veiga
Dr. John Wulu, Jr.

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Financial Soundness and Accountability click here

Operational Excellence click here

Community, National and Global Leadership click here

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Active membership within the Body of Christ means that we are committed to the mission, vision and collective work of the Church.  The success of God’s Kingdom on earth is dependent upon the sharing of your God-given talents, making a time commitment and providing financial support.  To receive more information about how you can help support Peoples Church ministries, complete and submit the Peoples Volunteer Form. Responses to the questionnaire will be organized and submitted to the appropriate Church group(s).  A representative will follow-up with you to determine the best utilization of your time and talents.  Our goal is to make sure that your skills are leveraged to the best extent possible to ensure effective and efficient improvement in our Church ministries and services.  Thank you for your willingness to serve.

All information on the questionnaire will be kept confidential and will be used only by Peoples Congregational United Church of Christ.

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