Retention and Growth of Membership

The Retention and Growth of Membership Working Group focuses on strategic issues pertaining to the retention and growth of church membership.  Key goals and strategies include:

    • Retaining current membership and increasing the number of new members
    • Determining scope of task by evaluating current church demographics and interviewing new members
    • Strengthening evangelism and outreach
    • Improving diversity in worship and development of new ministries
    • Improving marketing and advertisement of church ministries
    • Visiting and analyzing other churches
  • Determining the focus for the church of “today and “tomorrow”

Current Status:

Updates: (accomplishments/pending issues/follow-up activities)

  • The team has completed several key activities pertaining to processes and procedures for visitors and new members
  • Supporting and advertising Church ministry accomplishments
  • Visiting other churches

Planned Activities: (next area(s) of focus/key activities/timeline)

In the coming weeks and months we will focus on:

  1. Summarizing key finding and recommendations, focusing on the next phase of activity which pertains to diversity in worship, strengthening evangelism and outreach and exploring ways to improve existing ministries or establish new ministries
  2. Meeting with the Ministers to review activities to date and to determine priorities for next phase of work
  3. Continuing to support and coordinate with the Evangelism and Outreach Committee; and supporting the upcoming Spring Festival June 21, 2014
  4. Partnering with the Operational Excellence Working Group to create a leadership training module pertaining to the Church’s Strategic Plan and Goals for new leaders for the 2014/2015 church year
  5. Completing a social outreach activity with young adults (ages 21-30)


Ways you can participate (suggestion(s) for individual/organizational involvement)  

  • Get involved!  Complete and submit your Peoples Volunteer Form as soon as possible.  Your Church needs your expertise, time and talent.
  • Contact the Working Groups’ Chairpersons to schedule a time to discuss how you can help with planning and support for our younger adults and returning college students.


Working Group Members:
Sam Ewing, Jr.
Michelle Gill
Audrey Hendricks, Co-Chairperson
Bessie Reynolds
Lise Stevens
Diana Veiga, Co-Chairperson