Safe Church Policy

Peoples Congregational United Church of Christ


In compliance with the United Church of Christ requirement for a Safe Church Policy, Peoples Congregational United Church of Christ (Peoples Church) is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment in which young people can learn about and experience God’s love through participation in a variety of children and youth activities.

In order to promote the Safe Church Policy, we have established the following guidelines in addition to the general requirements for ministry to the Church.

  • We expect that those who volunteer to work with minors will have been members of Peoples Church for at least six months or, if not members, regularly and frequently associated with Peoples Church for at least a year.         
  • Before beginning their duties, all prospective employees and volunteers will undergo a background check, including but not necessarily limited to inquiries of references and a criminal history verification by a third party vendor (Employment Background Investigations, Inc.).
  • All volunteers and employees who regularly work with children and youth will receive orientation regarding Safe Church Policy and procedures.
  • It is the policy of Peoples Church to provide adequate supervision and safeguards for children and youth activities. In situations where participants are not readily visible to each other, there will be no fewer than two unrelated adults present with children and youth. 
  • Youth over the age of 16 may assist an unrelated adult in supervising children and youth activities; however, such assistance does not alter the requirement that at least two unrelated adults be present.
  • Written consent of one parent or guardian of a minor will be required for all activities off the Church property and any overnight activities, which includes both local and non-local events.