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2015 Community Scholars

2015 Designated High School Scholars

2015 Peoples Church Scholars


Scholarship Committee Mission

Recognizing the power of education, the responsibility to explore new possibilities, and the commitment to further both knowledge and understanding, the Scholarship Committee of Peoples Congregational United Church of Christ is committed to managing the financial resources provided by our Church to promote the academic and professional aspirations of our members and the community.

Scholarship Committee Information

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Deadline: December 4, 2015 5pm

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Scholarship Committee Members

Karlene Baddy

Stacie Lee Banks

Robina Barlow, Chairperson

Arlene King-Berry

Carol Gardner, Financial Officer

Sybil Hammond

Janet McCormick

Gwendolyn Pla

Maureen Sullivan, Secretary

Daniel Veiga

Carolyn Williams, Vice Chairperson

Isadora Wills


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